About us

I want to share with you a little bit more about myself and the reason why I founded Getaway Guatemala. 

Getaway Guatemala is my passion and a project that I founded to try to help my country sustainably. The way we worked in Getaway Guatemala, is trying to involve the communities and benefit them as much as possible.  

About myself, my name is Lucía I am from Guatemala. I am also a biologist and have a degree in water management and governance. I have more than 10 years traveling around my country, knowing communities and learning from them. I have also shared my experience and knowledge with the communities in a way they can benefit from tourism the much as possible. 
If you are wondering why I do this? Good question!

Since I was a little girl, I realized it was a disparity in my country (Guatemala poverty is more than 60% of the population). I certainly privileged and lucky to have education and access to opportunities, but especially I never have suffered hunger. Many people from my country do, I founded this unfair. From the government, there is not enough funding to deal with poverty so that's why with Getaway Guatemala, I tried to bring tourism and that this tourism benefits the communities as much as possible.  


Our story